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Showcasing ENTENTE at TTS Europe

  • TTS Europe & Entente Health

The ENTENTE Final Conference held jointly with the TTS Europe in Barcelona on 28-29 April attracted over 200 participants, drawn from TTOs, Venture capitalists, Industry and leading research organisations within and beyond Europe, to propose, discuss and debate how to facilitate technology transfer in the field of health.

This challenge is one that the ENTENTE community, with some 1000 members, has been addressing since 2012 providing technology transfer professionals and amateurs with the forum and tools needed to share and build on their expertise in technology transfer for the benefit of the wider community.

This Newsletter highlights some of this expertise notably three best practices as well as video interviews with the key panellists at the ENTENTE Final conference which we encourage you all to both enjoy and share further within your own networks.

Although the ENTENTE project is coming to a contractual close this Autumn we aim to keep this growing community alive. We look forward to telling you more about our future plans in our next and last issue due in August 2015.


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