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Fit for Health

Fit for Health 2.0 aims to promote and enhance a sustainable participation of European industry in the health-related sector of Horizon 2020 (H2020)


Focusing on research-intensive, high technology SMEs the project offers targeted support measures, covering the entire innovation cycle of research projects. Key assets are highly qualified advice and support including a mentoring and coaching approach, hands-on trainings, effective SME-academia matchmaking and guidance to use H2020 more strategically. SMEs and researchers will be supported during all phases of research projects, including first orientation, consortium building, proposal writing, project management and efficient valorization of project results. Cooperation between SMEs and academia will be strongly encouraged by dedicated services and tools and using new media.

A well established, highly visible database with a sophisticated matchmaking-tool together with the complementary BiotechGate database will support the formation of competitive project consortia. H2020-Partnering Days will provide excellent interaction platforms for SMEs and academia. Target group-specific on-site and virtual trainings for H2020 starters, applicants and participants of running FP7 health-, IMI- and EDCTP projects will be a hallmark of the project. Partnering Days and trainings for exploitation will support SMEs and researchers in successfully bringing their project results to the market.

A mentoring and coaching approach and strategy trainings will support SMEs and clusters for a sustainable participation in H2020. The consortium builds on the success of the running project Fit for Health. Highly experienced NCPs and Enterprise Europe Network-members together with renowned senior trainers on innovation, technology transfer, financing and IPR ensure perfect coverage of the entire innovation cycle. To maximize synergies, this efficiently managed network is strategically connected to other key support networks for SMEs.

Overall Aim and Concept

Fit for Health 2.0 aims to sustainably enhance the participation of European industry, in particular research intensive, high-technology small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the health-related theme of H2020, the new EU-Framework Programme (FP) for Research and Innovation (H2020), starting in the beginning of 2014. SMEs and researchers will be supported by targeted, cost-free support measures during the entire innovation cycle and all phases of research projects, including first orientation, consortium building, proposal writing, project management and lastly efficient exploitation of project results.

General objectives of this 4-year project

  1. Support of industry, in particular SMEs, in taking a strategic approach to their sustainable participation in projects related to funding opportunities offered in the Health sector
  2. Highly qualified advice, mentoring and coaching to SMEs and academia through all phases of the innovation cycle of a project’s life time, from project idea to successful exploitation of generated results
  3. Stimulating cooperation between SMEs and academia in joint research projects and for commercialization of results
  4. Innovative, target-group specific modular trainings addressing all project phases
  5. Putting SMEs in the spotlight – increasing their visibility to the scientific community and corporate partners
  6. Leveraging SMEs’ potential for maximizing their funding options
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