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Second phase survey of NANOMED 2020

  • NANOMED 2020
  • NANOMED 2020

This survey is dedicated to the analysis and optimization of the nanomedicine value chain and development process. It has been designed to give complementary information to a previous work on establishing the nanomed milestones, with the objectives to:

* identify the main barriers and needs along each step of the value chain, from idea and research all the way to market and commercialisation.
* assess the interplay between the different stakeholders involved and the main differences of perspectives at the key Interfaces
* provide all participants with the possibility to comment and endorse the milestones and checklists established so far by the NanoMed2020 consortium

The final goal is to optimize the nanomedicine value chain and innovation process, but it’s assumed that such work will go beyond the field and be relevant to a global development in Healthcare products.

The online survey is accessible at:

The deadline for this survey is 22nd September 2013.

For further information please contact:
Olivier Fontaine,, Tel.: +49 30 310078-413