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How come the first cut-off date for Phase 2 in October 2014 when the first cut-off for phase 1 is June 2014, less than four month before? For the coming PHC-12 call, can we directly ask for a Phase 2 project?

Yes. In principle you can directly apply for phase 2; this really depends on how far advanced you are with your market assessment/business plan (for phase 2 you really need some deep insight into your market and competitors!) At the end of phase 1, you will write a short final report. As summary of your findings, you will come up with a conclusion of your feasibility study. This can be: yes it is feasible, but we need xyz budget for conducting this and this --> go and apply for phase 2; if you come to other conclusions (no freedom to operate; no market, market not attractive enough or too complicated,...) you will of course NOT continue the development and not apply for phase 2. Nike Shox TLX 0018