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Information on US funding programmes - specific opportunities in “Health”

  • BILAT USA 2.0

The BILAT USA 2.0 initiative is organizing a “Europe tour” on US funding programmes in Brussels, Oslo and Berlin. There are specific opportunities in the health field.


The US is one of the top-ranked countries in technology, innovation and R&D expenditures and many European researchers and institutions have developed strong research links with US researchers and their institutions. However, some opportunities within US federal funding programs, such as NIH (National Institutes of Health) and NSF (National Science Foundation), may not be well-known in Europe, and European researchers and research managers may not be familiar with the specific application processes & grants management procedures required by US federal research funding agencies.

The workshops

Promote awareness of US federal research funding opportunities for European researchers

Strengthen European institutions’ expertise in applying for and managing US research funds

Provide case studies of research collaboration between US and European institutions


Topics that will be discussed with experts are:

US Federal Research Funding – How to Apply, with specific focus on NIH and NSF

Managing US Federal Research Awards with specific focus on NIH and NSF: What a European Institution Needs to Know

Case Studies of Transatlantic Research Collaboration from a European perspective


All events with further information can also be found on the website:

Brussels, 27 October 2014:

Oslo, 29 October 2014:

Berlin, 31 October 2014: