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When do I have to provide a certificate on financial statements in a FP7 project?

in FP7, every partner who receives more than 375.000 EUR or exactly 375.000 EUR funding has to give a certificate on financial statement (CFS). Together with the financial statement (Form C) which reaches the threshold of 375.000 EUR, the CFS has to be submitted. E.g. in the first period you receive 200.000 EUR funding – you need no CFS. In the second period you receive another 200.000 EUR funding – now you reached the threshold (as 400.000 EUR is more than 375.000 EUR), therefore you have to bring in a CFS. In the next (last) period you receive another 200.000 EUR funding – you don’t need a CFS as you don’t reach the threshold anymore. If you receive less than 375.000 EUR funding in a project, you don’t have to bring in a CFS at all. In projects with less than 2 years if you receive more than/or exactly 375.000 EUR funding, you only have to hand in a CFS at the end of the project. (The same is valid for organisations with a valid Certificate of Methodology, they don’t need a CFS for interim payments, just one at the final payment if they get >= 375.000 EUR funding). Costs for CFS can be reimbursed under Management – Subcontracting.Zoom Lebron XI 11