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Information about the EU-LAC HEALTH Roadmapping

  • Health research experts, research programme

The 1st EU-LAC HEALTH Roadmapping Workshop "Elaborating the scienctific scope and governance structures in the development of an EU-LAC HEALTH Research Roadmap" took place from 16th -17th October 2013 in Mexico City.

Health research experts, research programme managers and decision makers from Europe (EU) and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), as well as EU-LAC Health Advisory Board Members and project partners joined on 16 – 17 October in Mexico City for two days with the objective to hold the first Roadmapping-Workshop. The experts came together to discuss three different dimensions of the roadmap to be developed: the scientific, the governance and the funding dimension. Outcomes from the different expert discussions will flow into the future Roadmap that will give answers to questions such as "how can EU-LAC cooperation in health research be financed efficiently?", "what governance structures will be needed?", "which scientific areas would be enriched through a bi-regional cooperation"?

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