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HDHL-INTIMIC Cofunded Call "Interrelation of the Intestinal Microbiome, Diet and Health"


The Joint Programming Initiative “A Healthy Diet For A Healthy Life” (JPI HDHL) launched a Call on the “Interrelation of the Intestinal Microbiome, Diet and Health”.

This Call, co-funded by the European Union, aims to support multinational, collaborative research projects that address important research questions regarding the cause-and-effect relationships between diet, the intestinal microbiome and human health.

In particular, proposals should focus on at least one of the following areas:

1) Basic understanding of the gut microbiome and its causal role in human health and/or the onset of chronic diseases including the dissection of underlying molecular mechanisms

2) Functional links between diet and/or dietary components on the composition and functioning of the gut microbiome and consequent physiological effects on the host, including individually tailored responses

3) Identification of novel microbiome-targeted strategies and food products for preventive and therapeutic applications including personalised diets and specific food for specific target groups that operates by influencing the gut microbiome

Submission deadline for pre-proposals is 5 April 2017.

All information about the Call can be found under: