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EU Commission Vice President inviting biotech SMEs for B2B in select countries

VP Tajani is organising "missions for Growth" in European and third countries. Through these missions, Europe can also better communicate and promote its policies. These missions, involve political and business meetings and discussions in areas of mutual interest in the fields of Enterprise & Industry policy but do not deal with specific trade policy issues. They allow for high-level contacts between VP Tajani, EEAS (European External Action Service), European entrepreneurs and political authorities. European companies are informed of these missions through the DG Enterprise's website, the European Enterprise Network, by industrial federations, Member States Embassies and by EU delegations and representations. The participation is open to all interested businesses bearing their own costs (travel and accommodation expenses). In his role of Commissioner responsible for industry and entrepreneurship, VP Tajani wants to ensure that European Industry and enterprises come out of the current economic crisis stronger and more competitive than before. For this reason, VP Tajani's Missions for Growth are followed by missions led by the SMEs. Vice President Tajani’s in planning “missions for growth” in Belgium, Greece, Italy and Spain, with a specific focus on biotech SMEs.

His services are asking us to share this information with our network so that SMEs can sign up directly to the various trips via the following link

More detailed information about the objectives of the “missions for growth”, the programme as well as the contacts within the Commission services can be found in the above mentioned link.

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