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New SMEs testimonial videos on Strategic approaches to successful H2020 project participation

  • FFH 2.0 video SME testimonials

Watch the testimonials of experienced Health and biomedical SMEs on their experience in H2020 participation and Strategic approaches to successful H2020 project participation.

Two videos were recorded at the occasion of important events co-organised by Fit for Health in 2016.

The first video reports on the experience of SMEs at the occasion Horizon 2020 Health Partnering Day 2016. This event gathered a wide spectrum of stakeholders from companies (including SMEs), universities, research organizations and others from Europe and beyond interested in sharing new project ideas and in finding collaboration partners for the upcoming 2017 call of SC1 in Horizon 2020.

The second video was recorded in Vienna at the occasion of the International Strategy Development Training for Life Sciences Executives of SMEs, with a focus on innovative business solutions and smart financing. This training was organised in collaboration with an international Business Treff, on 12 and 13 October 2016. The training was tailored to senior executive representatives of high-tech / research intensive SMEs of all health-related sectors (incl. pharma, biotech, med-tech, therapeutics, diagnostics, e-health, high-end research services etc.) who see clear growth potential, and who had not completed their product/services development yet.


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