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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - FP7 related Ethical issues


When patient data are in use, research on animals, stem cells, and others specified on cordis web pages in section ethical issues…


Two options:

You use the local and actual salary rates. You can use Lump Sums for International Cooperation Partner Countries (ICPC) ICPC got the option being reimbursed: the basis of eligible costs or may opt for lump sums lump sum contribution is defined per country income group in the „list of ICPC economies“:

Economy contribution (€/researcher/year) low income 8 000 €

lower middle income 9 800 €

upper middle income 20 700 €

upper funding limits have to be applied disadvantage of lump sum payment: it is deemed to cover all costs (see also: Guide to Financial Issues, p. 69 ff)

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