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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - IMI-Participants

According to the Horizon 2020 „minimum conditions“ for participation,(a) at least three legal entities shall participate in an action;(b) three legal entities shall each be established in a different Member State or associated country;c) the three legal entities referred to in point (b) shall be independent of each otherAir Max 90 Hypfuse
Question details: 
I am in the staff of a university hospital that is looking to increase participation in European research programs. Do you have information on which SME from Italy participating in IMI projects in the health sector?
For this question, I would recommend to contact the Italian Delegate to the IMI States Represenatives Group, Giovina RUBERTI (grubertiAT ). Furthermore, you can check all running IMI projects at IMI-Partnering-Database Partner search for the 1st IMI2 Call via: Аксессуары