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International Training for the Exploitation of EU Project Results with a focus on IP Valuation in the field of Health

Wednesday, May 11, 2016 to Thursday, May 12, 2016
Industry and SMEs
Senior representatives
Project coordinators
Project TTs
Admission required
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Enterprise Ireland, East Point Business Park, Dublin 3
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89 participants from 17 countries made the International Exploitation Training at Enterprise Ireland (Dublin) on 11-12th may 2016 a great success.

The strategic use and management of Intellectual Property (IP) – in business as well as in international research initiatives – is essential for strengthening the European scientific and technological base, boosting innovation and ensuring growth in the EU. In this context the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020, places even more emphasis on systematic IP exploitation strategies as a means to better protect innovation initiatives and to reap commercial and economic benefits from EU-funded research.

This IP and business strategy training event addressed the overall topic of how to create value through professional management and exploitation of IP – with a special focus on IP in the field of healthcare. Following a very practical and comprehensive training approach, participants have been made familiar with central concepts and strategies on how to turn intellectual assets into value-creating innovations and increase impact with concrete examples in using IP as a strategic tool and how to transfer innovative ideas into valuable assets. By this, this training event addressed particularly SMEs and researchers interested in using Horizon 2020 more strategically for strengthening their innovation capacities.

This event was also the occasion to use the new  "SUMMEET" mobile  APP for tablets and smartphone aimed at  event facilitation and networking. It allowed attendees to chat with other participants, speakers, organisers and get all info on the spot. (more info at

See detailed description within the agenda: PDF iconexploitation_workshop_dublin_agenda.pdf


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PDF icon06_valuation_process_and_financing_routes_for_ls_companies.pdf

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