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How to deal with RAW data that will be stored for many years (e.g. 20 years)?

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Example: In 2037 actual versions of software will not be available (and might be incompatible with the software versions at that time). How to deal with data preservation over years? a) Maintain annual updates (to current versions) b) maintain legacy server as a museum c) other strategy!
One approach is to also archive the software to access the data. That said raw data should be in a well described and documented format in such a form that at the very least one can access by reprogramming a tool in the worst case. Thus it is absolutely important to have good metadata and standards which describe standards. In such cases even new software versions can still access, work and use legacy formats (as an example microarray data from the late 90s are still accessible in 2017).Sneaker Release Dates 2019