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Does ‘cofunding’ mean that we must have a successful/running project funded from another source? Should it be at the moment of application or at the moment that the project is supposed to start?

No, the term cofunding refers to funding for the project in addition to the requested EDCTP funding or awarded grant amount. Cofunding is not required for projects for which EDCTP2 grants are sought (i.e. EDCTP will reimburse 100% of eligible costs) but it is encouraged. If an applicant has secured cofunding for the project, this can be documented at the proposal stage with letters of commitment from other funder(s). Specifically for the current call 'Strategic actions supporting large-scale clinical trials', all organisations that provide cofunding should address an official letter to the Coordinator and these should be submitted by the Coordinator at the Letter of Intent application stage (the electronic form for this call for proposals allows for this). The letter of any cofunder should state the name and organisation of the Coordinator; the title of the EDCTP proposal and the EDCTP call to which the proposal has been submitted. In the Budget and Cofunding section of the application form, the applicant can provide an explanation with details on the committed funds, the timeframe for the commitment and any conditions or restrictions on the funding. Demonstration of major support from other funders at the level of the large-scale clinical trial will be taken into account during the evaluation of the “Impact” criterion. Nike KD