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Could you please precise how you suggest to present Clinical trials in the SME-Instrument Phase-2 topic PHC-12?

Regarding the description of CT in PHC 12 (SME instrument) the same "instructions" apply as to the description of CT in projects addressing other SC1 topics where the template is not mandatory. That means: The template should be used as a checklist or guidance document and all information about the trials that is requested in the template should be provided in the Concept and Approach section of part B of the proposal application. Since projects funded under the SME Instrument should focus on the exploitation of the results (closer to market) this should be considered as well. Since funding of projects with only one SME as partner is possible under the SME-Instrument, it is possible to subcontract the CT (but again: subcontracting rules apply), so in this case the expertise for the CT does not have to lie within the consortium (and this is even not possible in case of only one SME). Adidas Fotballsko