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Change the coordinator of the project?

Question details: 
Our company has succesfully passed the 1st stage evaluation of the "H2020-PHC-2015-two-stage" call. Coordinator of the project is a new entity, subsidiary of a big dermatological company, but with no financial data at the moment. We wonder if this financial situation will penalize our stage 2 proposal. Will it be better that the parent company coordinates the project? Explaining that the parent company fully supports the new entity is it enough? Thank you for your help,
Regarding the very limited information given here, we strongly recommend to contact your local National Contact Point for "Legal and Finance" which you can find here: and Financial/1/1/0&+person.last_name/desc If you are in doubt of the financial situation of your company, you can find information on the financial viability self-check here: In principle, a change of coordinator is possible, but needs to be very well justified. marka