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Can costs for dinners during FP7 project meetings be claimed on the project?

If it is a project management or a project board meeting and if the dinner is necessary for networking among the consortium partners andis necessary to conduct the project, yes, it is possible to claim it on the project. But it needs to be justified for networking issues. Best advice is to ask the Project Officer in advance if the costs for a common dinner will be covered by the project. It is always good to have an agenda so you really can show that the dinner was a working dinner and not for entertainment. As it is with all costs, the dinner has to fulfil all the eligibility criteria and have to fall under the usual practice of the partner who wants it reimbursed in the Form C (e.g. the organisation only allows the cheapest caterer, then a 5-star expensive catering can never be reimbursed).ACE 17 Purecontrol TF