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ORCHID: ORgan-on-CHip In Development

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ORCHID: ORgan-on-CHip In Development

Tuesday, 3 April, 2018
ORCHID will facilitate dialogue towards accelerating the development of prototypes of organs-on-chips (validated cell systems that mimic diseased or healthy human tissue), and the implementation of this technology by a broad group of potential users in science, health care and industry.

A consortium led by Leiden University Medical Center and the Dutch human Disease Model Technologies works on creating a roadmap for the future development of organ-on-chip technology, aiming at establishing a European infrastructure to enable coordinated development, production and implementation of organ-on-chip systems. Organ-on-chip technology will deliver applications in personalized medicine and safety pharmacology, and offer alternatives to conventional animal testing.

ORCHID’s aim is to build an infrastructure for scientists, policy makers, funders and end-users to join the decision-making processes that will direct future European developments in organ-on-chip applications. An essential contribution of ORCHID will be the establishment of a digital platform enabling knowledge sharing between researchers and representatives of private corporations including insurance companies, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, food industry, health foundations and patient organizations. This platform will provide overviews and updates of current and new organ-on-chip initiatives so that users can track progress easily, consult developers directly and identify gaps in present knowledge, limiting implementation. ORCHID will also address ethical and regulatory issues, particularly concerning personalized information, economic and societal impact, training of researchers, and the design of an R&D roadmap.

Ultimately, ORCHID will accelerate the societal and economic impact of organ-on-chip technology through a coordinated action, funded by Horizon2020 FET-Open programme.

ORgan-on-CHip In Development
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