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7th International Conference on Diabetes & Obesity

Thursday, October 24, 2013 to Friday, October 25, 2013
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Event Description: 

Prevention & Treatments Strategies: Priority during Riga event

 In order to participate to slow down and stop the progression of this disease, Riga Diabetes & Obesity 2013 will discuss on the latest therapeutic innovations, the new pathways which will allow the development of new pharmaceutical treatments but also discuss how to prevent diabetes and obesity by using natural ingredients to prevent or fight against diabetes and obesity.

Riga Diabetes & Obesity 2013 aims also to launch the discussion between the different actors involved in the fight against obesity. It still remains that diabetes and obesity are multi-factorial problems, involving genetic, neurological, behavioural and cultural components, and as such, a long term solution to the problem is unachievable through single sector approach. Instead an integrated strategy is required, with input and close collaboration from all of the many different stakeholders involved - the food industry, governments and regulators, researchers, health professionals, the media, and of course consumers themselves.

Main themes for discussion:
1. Overview on Diabetes and Obesity in Europe and around the World
2. Cellular & Molecular Targets to for Prevention & Therapies against Diabetes & Obesity
3. Strategies in 2013 to Prevent and/or Treat Diabetes & Obesity
4. Nutrition, Diabetes & Obesity
5. Microbiota, Diabetes & Obesity
6. Diabetes, Obesity & Biotechnologies: the Non-Invasive Strategies

Important dates:
Deadline for Oral Presentations Submission: September 23rd
Deadline for Poster Presentations Submission: October 1st

 Further information and registration for the event:

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